Work Routine of a Quality Control Inspector

Work Routine of a QC Inspector

All You Must Know About Work Routine of a QC Inspector

Some of you might already be working with a Third-Party Inspection Company. Are you curious about what a QC inspector does exactly during a factory inspection?

Come in! Let us show you what BMS Inspectors do! You can also check our videos on product inspections: Branding Manufacturing Services Video

Receiving Information for inspection

All BMS inspectors begin their work at least one-day prior of the scheduled service. The inspector will call the factory to check on the status of the orders upon receiving the needed documentation (specification, factory booking information, and work scope). If all goes well, the inspector will proceed to confirm the time with the factory. If any issue comes up, the inspector will contact BMS office to provide updates.

Leaving to the Factory

On the day of the service, the inspector will leave early in the morning and arrive at the factory to start their day. Sometimes, the inspectors will prefer to arrive one day in advance and stay in a hotel at night to make sure that they have enough time to complete the inspection in one day.   

Travelling to the Factory

BMS has a Code of Ethics whereby we forbid inspectors to accept transportation from the factory. So, our inspectors use public transport or their own private transportation.

Notifying the Factory upon arrival

The inspector will call the factory about 15 minutes before arriving and will check in on BMS App to record the start inspection time.

Conducting the inspection service

First, the inspector begins the service by verifying PO (Purchase order) quantity. Second, they will select the samples from the order size, according to the client’s selected AQL limit. Lastly, they will inspect the samples and perform any on-site testing according to the work scope. 

Submitting the Inspection Report

To avoid any missing scope, all BMS Inspectors write the results of the inspection in a detailed report using BMS online reporting system at the factory. Once the report is submitted, the inspector will call to the office to notify the relevant Technical Team. After the Technical team having reviewed the report, they will call the inspector back if there is any clarification needed.

Signing Factory Integrity Declaration and Factory Acknowledgment forms

After the inspection is completed, the inspector will request the factory to sign the integrity declaration form and the acknowledgment form. This is a procedure whereby the factory acknowledges that there is no foul play or unethical behavior performed during the duration of the service conducted and understands the inspection results. If the factory refuses to sign either document, the inspector will notify BMS office immediately and from there another team will take over. 

Approval to leave the Factory

Once the Technical team has reviewed and approved the report, they will contact the inspector to let him/her know that they are allowed to leave the factory. The Inspector will use BMS App to record the time of the end of the inspection.

We hope this satisfy your curiosity of how a QC inspector performs on a typical workday and that now you have a better understanding of their role!

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