Defect Sorting Services in China

Optimize Supply Chain & Safeguard Brand Reputation Risk-Free

Our technical inspectors, during the inspections, sometimes find batches of products with unacceptably high defect rates. We work together with the suppliers and identify the severity of the defects to what extent it has disturbed the nature of the material or product after which we report our findings to the importers. Our technical inspectors undertake an initial assessment and prepare a detailed recovery plan. Knowing that it is a packing imperfection, cosmetic defect, or functional problem, the defect sorting service sorts the under-estimated quality products from the good ones. Defect Sorting Service works after several failed inspections being conducted and that importers want to expedite the shipping.

Our inspectors correctly sorts out the defects spotted on the defective items whereas at the same time the factory correctly reworks the products for inspectors to review and approval. We work with a vision to provide defect sorting services to manufacturing companies throughout China. We perform visual checks and dimensional studies. Moreover, our defect sorting services are used in short-term and long-term projects to drive the permanent corrective action plans for the defects that a product incurs.

Performing Defect Sorting Inspections Usually:

  • Sorts Out Defective Products
  • Know Quality Issues
  • Give Real Picture of Defects that affects Product Quality
  • Ensures Factory Reworks on the Goods

Why Do You Need Defect Sorting Services?

  • Get Production Issues Identified: During different types of product inspections, our team performs checks on various section of the productions from the manufacturing to the shipping stage. It helps them to identify diverse issues in the production phase. In the production phase itself, we get a list of faults & issues easily separated from the production list. 
  • Ensure 100% Quality Driven Products: Identification of defects during the inspections ensures that we are available with all the faults & defects that can deteriorate the product quality. We provide the best quality products to the end-users to build a strong brand image by correcting the faults.
  • Avoid Business Losses: A brand flourishes when you can deliver the best quality products to the end-users and of course plunges when quality is not up to standard.  Our Inspectors help the importers / exporters to carry out the inspections at various phases so that any losses might not affect the reputation of the brand. We make every effort to avoid business losses that might occur due to the recalls.
  • Re-Inspection Services to Charge Back Suppliers: Our Defect Sorting service ensures to sort out the bad from the good ones. Our Experts verify if the factory has reworked the products or not. They perform checks to find the percentage of faults in the shipment. This cost is usually bare by the suppliers. 
  • Protects Brand Reputation: With our Defect sorting services, you can ensure that the right products get delivered to the end-users in the market. It makes a strong brand image and entails trust among the users. Authenticity is what matters to the users, and this is what we deliver to the users with our defect sorting services.
Defect Sorting

How We Identify & Address Defects in Products with Our Inspections?

Our Technical inspectors catch the product’s quality issues before they are ready to ship. We perform audits and inspections by reviewing samples to keep track of all the defects that might affect the quality of the products. We perform various inspections such as:

Raw Material Quality Control Inspection

Our Technical Inspectors inspect the quality of the raw materials before manufacturing of any product starts. We perform various quality checks so that they might not affect the cost and the quality of the product in the later stages.

During Production Inspection

We perform checks during production inspections to find the various issues appearing in the production phase. Our inspectors take the product samples and identify the issues during different processes. The defects that can’t be fixed in the later stages are easily taken into consideration.

Final Inspection aka Pre-shipment Inspection

Our technical Inspectors perform pre-shipment inspections to get minimum quality oversights of the products. We get non-conformities and quality defects and track other faults that appear when the products are shipped. So, our technical inspectors detect and address these defects so that the end-users get the product deliveries with 100% satisfaction.

product inspection services

Why Choose Us For Defect Sorting Services?

We have the expertise to carry out defect sorting checks in the factories to deliver quality-enhanced services to the users. We work with a vision to proffer 100% customer satisfaction by delivering 100% defect-free quality enhanced products to the users. Our experts work to identify the defects and rework them to build a strong brand image. We offer defect sorting services to enhance customers’ manufacturing processes and automate manufacturing applications.

  • Same Day Reporting: Our Technical experts have more than 10+ years of working experience. They have worked in almost all the manufacturing units. The analysis gives detailed defects reporting. We provide reportings with accurate defects to the importers and that due to the time difference, importers will receive the reports the moment they step into the office which provide the best efficiency.  
  • Value-Added Customer Relations: Our Customers are of utmost priority to us. We work with a vision to provide 100% customer satisfaction. It has resulted in value-added customer relationships and built a solid brand image. We don’t believe in adding only new customers but maintaining cordial relations with the old ones. 
  • Higher Quality Shipments: Our Experts ensure higher quality shipments. Every product is checked, and defects are removed to offer high-quality shipment services to the end-users. By checking the right packaging, we ensure high-quality shipments.

We don’t promise that your company will get success overnight. We do, however, guarantee that our Defect Sorting Services can improve the quality & efficiency of the products. Feel free to call us for more information and queries concerning Defect Sorting Services in China. Get in touch with our team today for more details and information!