Factory Audit Services in China

Check the Effectiveness of Quality Management System with Factory Audits

We provide factory audit services to verify the capability and suitability of the suppliers by evaluating the quality systems. The internal or external quality auditor checks international certification standards by assessing workplaces to check whether it works according to the standards set. We ensure to provide a high level of confidence to the retailers and importers. 

To this, our auditors check the effectiveness of the quality management system with the factory audits. When any product doesn’t meet the international standards and promised levels of quality, our auditors usually reject the products during the final production and inspection stages. The auditors barred the products from the global markets. 

It ensures that manufacturers deliver quality enhanced products and compare potential suppliers by selecting a viable source. Branding Manufacturing Services auditors ensure that potential suppliers qualify for supplier management. Also, the auditors follow and access the two crucial components. One is the quality management system, and the other is vendor compliance. 

Every factory is compliant to work with the industry-specific quality management system. Our auditors perform checks to see whether the factory supports an effective quality management system or not? On the other hand, the auditors check whether the suppliers work in compliance with laws, rules, and regulations or not. The audits protect the value of the brand.

Common Factory Audits We Generally Perform

Manufacturing Factory Audits: Our auditors conduct audits to perform checks to see if the product meets the company’s specifications or not.

  • Confirms Manufacturing Facilities

  • Alleviates Potential Quality & Operational Risks

  • Factory Management Evaluation

Ethical Audits: Our Auditors check the working conditions of the company. Ethical factory audits to review whether the factory meets international standards or not. From our audits, we have criteria to review social accountability.

  • Approves Right Working Conditions & Human Rights Practices

  • Builds Friendly Relationships with Suppliers

  • Expands Company Brand Image

Manufacturing Factory Audits: Our auditors conduct audits to perform checks to see if the product meets the company’s specifications or not.

  • Confirms Manufacturing Facilities

  • Alleviates Potential Quality & Operational Risks

  • Factory Management Evaluation

Structural Audits: We audit the structural integrity by performing security checks like fire safety measures and relevant codes and conditions.

  • Employees Safety

  • Supply Chain Interruptions

  • Build Brand Image & Reputation

Our Factory Audit Checklist

How much consistent quality products a factory or supplier delivers to verify the core criteria of the factory audits. We have expert auditors to perform factory audits for certain individual products. Here are some checklists that our auditors include during audits.

  • Checking Manufacturers Background
  • Factory’s Production Abilities
  • Right Machine, Facilities & Equipment
  • Testing & Inspections
  • Quality Management System & its Capabilities
  • Environmental Protection Analysis
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Factory Audit Services
Factory Audits

What Do our Auditors Assess While Conducting Factory Audits?

Our Auditors follow a standardised process to determine the quality and the business standards before any product is ready to be shipped. In doing so, the project management system gets evaluated for safety measures compliance checks. While performing the audits, the auditors also examine all the workflows followed during the manufacturing phase. It gives the track of finished products to assess the efficiency of the equipment. Apart from it, we check the certifications and requirements so that they do not put the business at any risk.

  • Productivity: Our Auditors evaluate the supplier’s production processes to examine the workflow of the production phase. It enables to access the efficiency of equipment in the manufacturing process.

  • Quality Control: Our auditors verify the existing quality management system stats and monitor the procedures to see the improvements. The auditors help to maintain the quality of the products with the help of the Quality Control services.

  • Regulatory Compliance: We track the requirements & certifications so they do not affect the business. Checking that the products are delivered efficiently as per the regulatory standards avoids the risks that might affect during the later stages.

Why Do Companies Need Factory Audits?

We understand the significance of a quality compliant supply chain. Our Auditor performs checks to mitigate risks during the delivery of the products to the vendors. Also, our vision is to provide quality products to the vendors. For this, we evaluate & provide interpretations to add a positive brand image to the supply chain. A factory audit indicates the quality analysis that any factory has maintained to benefit the system. The companies need factory audits because they can reduce the risks.

  • Stops Running of Illegal Factories

  • Quality Products Received

  • Minimal Post-Delivery Issues

  • Saves Time & Money


How Choose Us For Factory Audits?

  • We Perform On-Site Factory Audits: Our Auditors perform on-site factory audits. They visit the site and analyse to check whether the company works in compliance with the rules and regulations or not. After doing analysis and checking the checklist, we prepare the reports.

  • Prepare Expert Reports with Complete Analysis: Our Reports contain comprehensive & detailed information about the observations and evaluations. The experts ensure to add every piece of information so quality didn’t deteriorate.

  • Perform Follow-Up Audit: After submitting the report to the vendor, the auditor follows up on the initial audit reports to know whether the seller has reworked them. They check about the improvements sellers have made or not.

We have the expertise to carry out factory audits to deliver the best services to the vendors. Our vision is to provide quality services, and we ensure that our audits provide a realistic picture of how a company operates. Our product inspection services can themselves say what we offer to our clients. If you have used our services, you can see the viable difference in how much customer satisfaction we proffer to our clients.

We don’t promise that your company will succeed overnight. We do, however, guarantee that our Factory Audit Services can improve the quality & efficiency of the products. Feel free to contact us for more information and queries concerning Factory Audit Services in China. Get in touch with our team today for more details and information!