Product Inspection Services in China

Ensure Product Quality & Safeguard Brand Image with Product Inspection Services

We verify the product quality at the different stages of the manufacturing process. Our Experts check the various elements of the product and test them so that they can meet the industry standards. So, every detail is verified and inspected before it gets manufactured, shipped, and distributed. From on-site inspections to quality inspections, we ensure that the brand and the image of the consumers get protected. It minimizes the defective merchandise and risks against the products in the process.

With our independent product inspections, we ensure that every sample is well-tested at different stages of the product’s life cycle and quality products are delivered to the clients. In doing so, if any critical defect is detected, it can be corrected before the product hits the market. We have our global network of quality assurance specialists providing customized quality control solutions as per industrial requirements. Our team of experts provides product inspection services in China, Vietnam, India and Pakistan,  in every range of fields. For more queries, contact us to avail of product inspection services.

How Our Product Inspections Can Help the Manufacturers?

In the manufacturing process, several defective products get manufactured in different batches. Delivering such defective products affects the brand’s reputation. Understanding these consequences, our inspectors help manufacturers to focus on quality assurance measures to protect the quality and brand reputation. The Quality Inspectors check the quality of the semi-manufactured products by keeping track of the quality of the raw materials and other standards. During Inspections, if any defective products are found, an inspection report is prepared to minimize the chances of the risks. 

  • Ensure Products Safety
  • Minimize Defective Merchandise
  • Reduce Customer Complaints
  • Detect Non-Standard Components
  • Eradicate Late Shipments

How Do We Carry out Our Product Inspections?

Pre-Production Inspections: We inspect every component and material before the manufacturing begins. We keep track of all the raw materials and components. Our inspectors check the quality of the raw materials and randomly check the orders. They try to report every finding to the factories and the clients. Also, our experts gave technical advice to the authorities to minimize the defects that might affect the quality in the later stages of the production process.  

  • Meet Guaranteed Requirements 
  • Quality Assurance
  • Early Risk Detection
  • Production Issues Fixation
  • Additional Cost Avoidance
Product Inspection

During Production Inspections: We examine the products and find the defects in them. Our experts conduct the quality control inspection. When quality issues arise during the production process, we identify the deviations and give feedback to correct the findings. At every stage, our experts prepare a detailed inspection report to provide a comprehensive overview of all the information for follow-up. Our experts re-check whether every detail is corrected or not.

  • Quality Inspection
  • Detailed Inspection Report
  • Improving On-site Supplier’s Quality
  • Trained Inspectors Monitoring Quality of Goods

Final Inspections: Our inspectors begin the final inspection after every product is ready to be packed or already packed for shipment. The inspectors perform checks to check whether products meet the client’s requirement or not. Product samples are taken to verify the quality, safety, and packing of the manufactured product. Every sample pulled for inspection is checked so that the final product is compliant with the requirements. 

  • Guaranteed Requirements Met
  • Quality Inspection
  • Production Issues Fixation
  • Trained Inspectors Monitoring Quality of Goods
  • Quality Inspection

On-site Test Checking: During each type of the inspection process mentioned above (Pre-production, During production, Final inspection), the on-site test would be conducted for the products so that users are available with quality products and they don’t have to undergo any problems. The on-site test including but not limited to Bar code, power consumption, item/carton drop, function test, etc. The different types of the on-site test would be conducted based on the type of the product. 

  • Bar Code Checks
  • Power Consumption Checks
  • Power on Checks
  • Final Delivery of Finished Products
  • Quality Assurance Checks

Loading Supervision Inspections: We closely monitor the loading process. The experts supervise the product quantity to ensure the proper management of handling the manufactured products. It reduces the risks associated with loading. The technical inspectors supervise each and every aspect of the loading process and ensure that every prospect is considered while loading. 

  • Handling Cargo
  • Verifying Product Packing & Sealing
  • Risk Management Associated while imports
  • Trained Inspectors Monitoring Every Aspect
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3 Easy Steps & We are ready with the Product Inspection Report

  • Random Samples Sizes According To AQL Level: We take the random samples from the manufacturing unit. Every sample drawn is checked according to importers’ requirements and depending on the products to verify against the industry standards. The services performed are always located at the suppliers’ manufacturing location. 
  • Verify the Inspection Checklist: After the samples are drawn from the production mass by our technical inspectors, they conduct the inspection criteria on the given samples. Every aspect is checked from manufacturing to packaging. The inspectors check the requirements and also conduct a visual inspection. They verify the checklist whether meets the needs or not. 
  • Product Inspection Report is Ready: After the services are performed and completed, the Inspectors will prepare a report of the result of the inspection services conducted as to whether it PASS or FAIL or PENDING that require importers most immediate attention. 

Why Choose Our Product Inspection Services?

Our technical Inspectors have more than 10+ years of experience. They analyze and conduct audits to ensure that transparency is followed in the process, ensuring that integrity is maintained while conducting product inspections. It makes us unique from others. Here are the reasons why every company chooses us as their priority partner. 

Quality Checks Guarantee Quality & Safe Products: We have technical inspectors with 10+ years of experience that guarantee to proffer safe and quality enhanced products to the end-users. We perform quality checks on every level to deliver quality products.  

Minimize Quality Control Budget: Budget control is one of the facts that we would consider when we provide services to our clients. We achieve this by shortening the communication durations – providing same day feedback to clients, same day reporting. Phone calls and instant messages are being used for urgent cases. We believe that on time delivery plays one of the most important roles for any international business. We evaluate our service process regularly and offer customized services to our clients. Within the same budget, we can deliver superior quality services. 

Same Day Product Inspection Reports: Our technical product inspectors recognize the importance of the on-time delivery of the reports. We offer the same-day inspection reports tailored for your products. Consult us today for any product inspection reports. 

We don’t promise that your company will succeed overnight. We do, however, guarantee that our Product Inspection can improve the quality & efficiency of the products. Feel free to call us for more information and queries concerning product inspection services in China, Vietnam, India and Pakistan. Get in touch with our team today for more details and information!