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Tips to Help Grow Your Global Manufacturing Business with Blogging!

Tips to Help Grow Your Global Manufacturing Business with Blogging!

The next super-cycle is going to be faster and more spectacular than before. This post will provide you with a glimpse of the future of Global Manufacturing Services through blogging!

Are you looking for solutions to expand your manufacturing enterprise worldwide? Your manufacturing blog might be a strategic tool for the expansion of your firm. It should be continuously updated and supply relevant stuff. When executed well, it may become your most acceptable long-term investment.

By reading on, you will discover how to create a successful manufacturing blog. In addition, we will explore the significance of relevant material to attract readers. Consider the tips listed below.

Why Do Multinational Manufacturers Need A Blog?

Blogging is a potent marketing tool that may benefit any company. Every business should have a blog in the present day. Blogging may help you establish yourself as an authority in your field, raise brand recognition, and even build connections with existing customers.

According to research by the Content Marketing Institute, 95% of B2B marketers utilize content marketing to promote their businesses. The same holds true for the manufacturing sector.

How to Advertise Your Manufacturing Blog?

If you manage a manufacturing business, you may like to learn how to advertise your manufacturing blog.

  • Blogs are an excellent method for fostering client confidence.
  • They aid in establishing your unique voice and distinguishing your business from competitors.
  • The content of your manufacturing blog should address a consumer issue or concern rather than sell your goods.
  • Instead, you should write about your production process and improve your product pages to enhance sales.

Here are some recommendations for advertising your manufacturing blog:

Tips for Global Manufacturing Blogs.

If you’re seeking recommendations on how to advertise your manufacturing blog, you’ve found them! These recommendations apply to all types of manufacturing companies. If you are a manufacturing firm, you may modify these recommendations for your product.

  • Good Content – Content is king! Create material that is engaging, relevant, and fascinating to your audience. 
    1. Once you’ve established your blog’s content, you can begin promoting your manufacturing company using your blog. 
    2. To make it relevant to your audience, it is necessary to address their queries.
    3. Examine the FAQ sites of your rivals to determine the nature of these inquiries. If they are disregarding the most frequent ones, you must address them. 
    4. Good blog material for a multinational manufacturing company will include SEO-friendly text. This ensures that more readers will discover your work.

A manufacturing blog may be used to market your firm in addition to providing the content. Although you may not see your manufacturing blog as a marketing strategy, it may be a very effective instrument for establishing your authority in the sector. 

For instance, if you’re a multinational manufacturer, you may increase your brand’s awareness and control by regularly producing helpful content. Your readers will recognize the quality of your writing and develop an interest in your business.

  • Digital Marketing Excellence – The term “digital marketing excellence” can mean many things, but in this article, we’ll focus on digital marketing practices for global manufacturing companies. 

To understand why such a strategy is effective, let’s examine the case of Haimen Aibende Experimental Equipment, a B2B manufacturer of medical lab disposables. The company started by focusing on PPC advertising on Baidu but quickly moved to more aggressive online marketing using Alibaba’s P4P program.

In a study conducted in 2017, the authors interviewed 39 senior executives at global manufacturing companies. They supplemented this data with secondary research on 150 firm marketing strategies. These results show that the strategy that characterized the manufacturing companies that performed the best in marketing was focused on the final consumer and the ecosystem. This prioritizes engaging with the last customer and leveraging their insights. 

In short, digital marketing is a vital component of manufacturing companies’ growth strategies.

  • Affiliate Links – While using affiliate links in your blog posts is allowed, you should be honest about the nature of the links. They will have random characters, which may turn people off. They also do not look professional. 

Especially if you’re using social media to promote your affiliate products, here are some tips to follow if you want to earn big with affiliate marketing. 

  1. To avoid plagiarism, make sure your links are trustworthy.
  2. Include your affiliate links in relevant blog posts and make them complement the overall content of the post. 
  3. Include a call to action so your readers will want to explore your affiliate products. 
  4. Consider using social media platforms to promote your affiliate products and services. 
  5. To ensure your affiliate links are well-visible, you can use Bitly and Hootsuite, which shorten URLs and display an affiliate’s logo. This will build brand awareness for your affiliate links.

  • Email List Creation – If you run a global manufacturing blog, you probably want to build an email list. After all, you can track the results and get to know your audience better. But how do you go about building an email list? Here are some tips for creating a list:

  1. Provide a gift or reason to subscribe. People are often tempted to sign up for an email list by receiving free content. This is why you must give them something of value in return for subscribing to your newsletter. 
  2. If you offer something of value, your subscribers will opt-in and stay subscribed to your list. To attract more subscribers, you should consider creating a hub page. This way, you can feature outstanding articles and make it easy for readers to find the best content.

  • Industry-Specific – If you are interested in starting an industry-specific blog for your company’s global manufacturing business, you need to know how to make it work. Creating a blog is an excellent way to promote your business, provide information for your customers, and incorporate keywords. Keyword-rich content showcases your expertise and increases your website’s authority. The biggest problem is coming up with topics. 

Here are Some Tips to Help You Succeed:

  • Read industry-specific blogs. If you’re in the automotive industry, consider publishing blogs about hybrid vehicles or changing emissions standards. For inspiration, try reading other B2B manufacturing blogs. 
  • Look at the calendar to get some ideas. For example, in April, there was National Robotics Week. In May, there was National Safe Boating Week. These events are related to your company’s industry, so make sure you post articles on those days and promote your company.


There are numerous reasons to choose Global Manufacturing Services. Trust us for your global manufacturing needs. Here are a few of the main ones. 

  • First, we offer high-quality service. Our global manufacturing team is committed to ensuring that your manufacturing projects meet the highest standards. 
  • Second, we offer custom manufacturing services for a variety of industries. 
  • In addition to this, we offer custom-made packaging options for your products. 
  • Lastly, we deliver the highest quality products in the shortest time possible.

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