Product Quality Control: Key Phases of Product Inspection Before Launch

Product Quality Control: Key Phases of Product Inspection Before Launch

Product Quality Control: Key Phases of Product Inspection Before Launch

Do you know why it is important to go for quality testing before any product is shipped? You may not be knowing this, but while manufacturing various products, various defective products are manufactured, along with the quality products. Delivering such defective & faulty products to the consumers hampers the brand’s reputation and breaks the user’s trust in that particular brand. Understanding such concerns, manufacturers have specialized Product Quality Control units to perform inspection checks at every stage. It helps the end-users get the quality products delivered and entails users to trust the brand.

As there lies extensive competition in the market, the user is available with thousands of options, so it becomes the duty of the quality control units to focus on the quality assurance measures to protect the product quality. Maintaining product quality goes through various stringent sets of processes. So, from semi-manufactured products to the final products, inspectors keep track of the quality standards and raw material checks to minimize the risks that might happen during the product shipment and delivery. 

Key Phases Followed by the Quality Testing Units before Launch

Pre-Production Inspection Phase: In the pre-production phase, the inspectors check the quality of the raw materials to meet the guaranteed requirements. The inspectors verify the product quality checks. For sub-standard raw material quality, a report is prepared to minimize the risks and defects in the manufacturing phase. It fixes the production issues and avoids the additional cost.

During-Production Inspection Phase: During the production phase, the quality assurance inspectors examine the products and find the product defects. Every product goes through the quality control testing phase. The inspectors identify the deviations and prepare the report to correct the findings. It improves the on-site product quality. Apart from this, inspectors assure that a detailed inspection report is passed to the production managers to validate and correct the faulty products.

Post-Production aka Pre-Shipment Inspection Phase: In the Post Production Phase, when the product is ready for the packaging, the inspectors make sure to check whether the product meets the user requirements or not. Every product gets tested for quality, safety, and packing. Apart from this, the inspectors perform random samplings so that the final product is not compliant with any defects or errors. Inspectors make sure to monitor the quality in the post-production phase.

On-site Testing Phase: Delivering the quality products to the end-users is not just limited till the product reaches the delivery sites. The Inspectors make sure to perform the quality assurance checks. It includes the bar code checks and the power consumption checks so that end-users don’t have to face any problems on the delivery sites. The Inspectors commit to enhancing the brand reputation by performing such testing checks. 

Container Loading Supervision Inspection Phase: The Inspectors perform the quality checks in the loading phase. Every condition is closely monitored to ensure the risks and the conditions that might affect the product quality. Therefore, from product sealing to the risk management factors associated while exporting products is what an inspector supervises during the loading phase.

Wrapping Up

There lies extensive competition in the market. The user is available with thousands of options for the same product. They trust the brand that delivers quality products.  Product Quality Control units perform various checks during various phases to enhance the brand image & yield the right quality products to the end-users. Inspectors perform every kind of testing to safeguard the quality and brand reputation. 

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