Photos for product, accessories and instruction manual

Specification Cross Check on Eyebrow Remover Device

Specification Cross Reference Picture Documentation Video

– Electronics – Picture Documentation Reference

One of the important steps during an inspection is specification cross check on the actual product against the client provided information. Here on this video, it shows the process of how the inspector takes photos for documentation purpose.  

  1. Take photos for retail box, package content and packing method.
  2. Take photos for product, accessories and instruction manual.
  3. Take photos for product details, disassembled product.

This step usually takes place after the inspector checked all the specifications and recorded the actual findings. All the photos been taken from this step would be consolidated into the Other Photos section of the report.  

Please be aware that if there‚Äôs any issues found, the findings and its note would be either under  Inspection Remarks Section or AQL Summary section of the report depending on the number of the defects found. Same type of defect over 15% would be classified under Inspection Remarks, anything less than 15% would be under AQL Summary.

If you would like to know more of how the inspector works on-site, check out more videos on our Blog page.

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