How BMS Hires Quality Inspectors

How BMS Hires Quality Inspectors

How do BMS Hire Quality Inspectors?

Every employee of an organization is essential for the company’s success, but some positions are more so than others. For a Quality Control Company, QC inspectors are the key.

They act as the clients’ eyes and ears. They are the ones who make sure everything is up to the buyers’ standards.  An inspector needs to be able to point out issues that buyers might not have anticipated and inform or advise the factory on how they can improve their quality standards. A QC inspector must have an upright character to withstand the common practice in the industry that is highly frowning upon in a 3rd Party Inspection company. 

Recruiting Inspectors

BMS starts off with job postings on job-hunting websites and BMS’s own website. We have specific guidelines on how, where, and what information should the candidates send. Anyone who fails to follow the instructions when submitting their resume will not be qualified. As a 3rd Party inspection company, we are very detail oriented and require our hired employees to be as well.

Resume Submission

Once the resumes are sent to HR, the department will verify the information, qualification, and experience of the candidates. After this, HR will pass the suitable candidates’ profiles to the relevant hiring manager. 

Phone Notification 

The quality manager will review the candidates and contact by phone those who fit the position.

Face-to-Face Interview

HR will follow up with the candidate to schedule an interview. All information regarding the interview will be sent to the candidates, such as date and office location. Those candidates located too far away from BMS office are allowed to conduct a video interview instead. During the interview, both HR and quality managers will speak to the candidates.

Employment Offer

Once the job is offer to the candidate, the candidate will enter a 3-month probation period before signing the long-term employment contract. During the 3-month probation period, newly hired inspectors go through strict training of the company values, ethics, and the way of how inspector should act on behalf of BMS. To BMS, reputation, ethics, and client satisfaction are top priority. 

The selection process for an inspector is crucial, since they act as our clients’ ears and eyes. Are you interested in the way we select our staff or you would like to join our team? Check out our Career page!

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