Booking Policy (English and Chinese)

Product Inspection & Factory Audit - Booking & Cancellation Policy

English Version

“BMS” is the abbreviation of Brand Manufacturing Services, “BMS” mentioned on the text below refers to Branding Manufacturing Services.

1.Upon submission of this booking form to BMS, you have confirmed that all information provided in this form is accurate and that you understand BMS’s Booking Policy as below. Booking requests are subjected to BMS’s availability.

2. For Product inspection service:

  • Booking form need to be sent to BMS with at least 2 working days in advance (e.g. services on Thursday must be booked by 5pm on Monday).
  • Cancellation must be made with both email and phone call together to BMS office.

3. For Factory audit service:

  • Booking form needs to be sent to BMS with at least 5 working days in advance.
  • Cancellation conditions also apply as mentioned below.

4. Cancellation Policy:

  • No extra change will be incurred if cancellation made two working days in advance (e.g. services on Thursday cancelled before 5pm on Tuesday).
  • US$50 rush cancellation fee will be incurred with less than 1 working day noticed (e.g. services on Thursday cancelled from 5pm on Tuesday to 5pm on Wednesday).
  • Full cost of cancellation fee will be incurred (e.g. services on Thursday cancelled after 5pm on Wednesday, or auditors are not allowed to perform the services as scheduled or denied access).
  • In some cases, when the travel expenses such as bus or train tickets that have already been incurred. The costs incurred or cancellation fee will be billed should these expenses cannot be refunded.

5. The factories must have all items neatly placed in the warehouse, and the space must be allowed auditors to easy access.

6. The factories must help to arrange adequate workers to move cartons, unpacking, packing and perform on-site tests, etc.

7. Should Inspection be delayed due to factory’s reason, BMS will bill a fee of $40 per auditor, per hour.

8. Sunday and Chinese Public Holidays services will be subject to extra charges as such: Sunday (1.5 X actual man-day count), Public Holiday (2.0 X actual man-day count).

9. In the event of natural catastrophe (typhoon, earthquake etc.) and if the auditor was already dispatched but BMS was not able to undertake the service, the client will only be billed with the incurred expenses. BMS will not charge the service fee and will re-schedule the service again.

10. Working day refers to Monday – Saturday, excluding all Chinese Public Holidays.

11. Inspection reports are issued on the same day following completion of the service. For services conducted during public holidays, a USD$50 report issuing fee will apply. Otherwise, the report will be issued on the next working day.

12. Factory audit reports will be issued within five working day following the completion of the service.


“BMS”为Branding Manufacturing Services缩写,以下所有“BMS”都指 Branding Manufacturing Services。


2. 产品检验服务:

  • 请表需要至少提前两个工作日提交给BMS(例如,星期四的服务申请须在该周星期一下午五点之前提交给BMS)。
  • 服务的取消必须同时以电话和邮件方式通知BMS办公室。

3. 工厂审核服务

  • 申请表需要至少提前五个工作日发给BMS。
  • 取消适用下述规定。

4. 取消政策:

  • 服务开始前两个工作日取消,不收取任何费用(例如,取消星期四的服务,须在该周星期二下午五点之前提交给BMS)。
  • 少于一个工作日取消验货服务的 (例如,取消星期四的服务,取消申请在星期二下午五点之后至星期三下午五点之前以内提交给BMS的),BMS将会收取50USD的加急取消费用。
  • 原定服务日前一天下午五点后取消服务的(例如,星期四的服务,取消申请在该周星期三下午五点后提交给BMS),或者BMS员工被拒绝按原计划进行工作。BMS将会收取全额服务费用。
  • 在一些特殊情况下,如果已经产生交通费用(如:汽车票、火车票等)。如果这些费用不能退,BMS会向客户收取。

5. 工厂需要将所有货物按产品分类摆放整齐,且有足够空间方便人员进出。

6. 工厂需要安排足够的人员在现场协助搬箱、开包装、包装、做测试等。

7. 验货过程中,由于工厂的原因而导致的服务延时,BMS会额外收取每人每小时40美金的费用。

8. 星期天和公共假日的服务会收取额外费用。星期天(正常费用X1.5), 公共节假日(正常费用X2.0)。

9. 不可抗力(台风、地震等),验货员已经出发,但是不能完成服务,客户需支付已经产生的差旅费用,但BMS不会收取服务费,并将会重新安排服务。

10. 工作日指星期一至星期六。不包括公共假日。

11. 检验报告会在检验当天发送。公共假日期间的服务,如果要求在假日期间发送报告,将会额外收取$50美元的报告费,否则报告将会在假期后的第一个工作日发送。

12. 工厂审核报告将会在服务完成后的五个工作日内发出。