Core Services

What We Do

  • Supplier Evaluation

    General Supplier Evaluation / Comprehensive Supplier Evaluation

    Factories of all sorts doing similar or different products, how do you choose out of the many as your business partner for long term working relationship. First you need to evaluate your factory to ensure that they possess the ability and capability of producing your orders. Doing this before placing an order is highly encouraged as it would help to avoid any potential risks later.

  • Product Inspection

    Early Production Inspection / Mid Production Inspection / Pre-Shipment Inspection

    Before diving straight to product inspection. There are several measurements recommended to minimize mistakes before mass production starts. The services are sample inspection or raw material inspection. When mass production starts, early or mid-production inspection would be best recommended as any problems can be detected at an early stage. Before shipping, a pre-shipment inspection is to be conducted to ensure that the requirements and standards are conform.

  • Defect Sorting

    There are certain times where pre-shipment inspections are conducted, and quality standard are not up to standard. You are in the rush to have “good” products shipped. Defect sorting would come in place where inspectors will inspect 100% of the order and have factory sort out the product with issues under our monitoring.

  • Defect Destruction

    Due to distance between countries and to ensure that factory does not sell products that are not of standard to market, defect destruction is needed to ensure that factory destroy the products.

  • Container Loading

    Loading / Transportation Monitoring

    Added assurance that your products are protected from theft, mishandling and incorrect loading.

  • Factory Audits

    Pre-Audit / Social Compliance / Consulting

    This can help to ensure that your suppliers’ practices, facilities and paperwork meet the requirements of governing bodies, major retailers, and other compliance framework.

  • Communication / Translation

    Production related communication with suppliers / Translation service on factory visits with clients

    When language is a barrier. We provide communication and translation between yourself and to factories or vice versa.