Covid-19 Restrictions Will Affect Your Business Trip

How Covid-19 Restrictions Will Affect Your Business Trip to China

How do Covid-19 Restrictions Affect Chinese Business Trips?

With all the current travel restrictions, it is natural that you feel assailed by doubts when preparing your business trip to China.

In our prior post, we already mentioned that you will need to prepare your Business Visa.  But, do you need anything else? And, what happens once you get to the country?

In this article, we have summarized EVERYTHING you need to know to visit your partners in China:

Health Declaration Code:  you can apply for this code by logging on to a designated website and submitting a negative COVID-19 test certificate, passport, itinerary, and other required documents.

You will need to present the test certificate and the HDC when boarding to the airline staff.

Airport: when you arrive to China, you will fill out a Declaration of Health, have your body temperature measured, and have a nucleic acid test at the airport.

Quarantine: you will need to quarantine for 14 days in a designated hotel, at your own cost.

If you’re traveling with family or a partner, you could ask the staff to help arrange your quarantine in the same hotel. Some hotels will allow couples or families to live in the same room, while others will require each person to stay in a single room.


So, what if the city that you enter is not your final destination?

You will need to quarantine in the first city that you enter in China. After the 14-day quarantine in the first city, you will be able to head to your final destination, where you might need to quarantine again. Every city has slightly different requirements.

After having carried out the mandatory quarantine, you will be able to attend your business meetings and enjoy the city as usual!!!

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