Ethic Policy (English and Chinese)

Ethic Policy (English and Chinese)

English Version

“BMS” is the abbreviation of “Brand Manufacturing Services”, “BMS” mentioned on the text below refers to “Branding Manufacturing Services”.

BMS’ employees and suppliers shall abide by this “Ethic Policy”. Any employees violates this “Ethic Policy” will be punished, including dismissal.

For BMS’ employees:

  1. Must act in accordance with the laws of the countries.
  2. Cannot take bribes, gifts or any benefits. Employees must report to management if suppliers try to bribe him/her.
  3. No alcoholic drink is allowed during working hours or after working hours with suppliers.
  4. No smoking in non-smoking area at the factory.
  5. Any non-work related activities with suppliers are not allowed, such as KTV etc.
  6. Report the findings accurately and objectively.
  7. Cannot involve in the conflict between clients and suppliers.
  8. All clients provided information will be kept confidential, unless the information must be released in order to finish our job.
  9. If client has more than one supplier, BMS employees must not mentioned any information between different suppliers.
  10. Not allowed to do business with clients and suppliers.
  11. Not allowed to work for clients and suppliers.
  12. Take measures to eat on their own, not with the factory. In some cases, the suppliers take BMS employees out for meal. BMS employees must inform management and get the approval beforehand. And it must be mentioned on the Integrity Form.
  13. In most cases, BMS employees will take public transportation (train, metro, bus, coach, etc.) for work. Sometimes, the suppliers may provide assistance with transportation for pick-up from or drop-off at the local bus station or train station, but BMS employees cannot require suppliers to provide transportation assistance.:

For suppliers:

  1. Should suppliers found a BMS employee is trying to ask for bribe, gift or any benefits, the supplier must reject the request and notify BMS immediately. 
  2. Suppliers have the right to disagree the service procedure or result and provide explanation. BMS employees will record all explanation and report it back to the client. But the suppliers should not shout at BMS employees, or threaten BMS employees.


“BMS”为Branding Manufacturing Services缩写,以下所有“BMS”都指 Branding Manufacturing Services。



  • 必须按照国家法规工作。
  • 不得收受贿赂、礼物或者其他好处。如果供应商试图贿赂BMS员工,那么员工须将该情况汇报给公司管理人员。
  • 工作时间和下班后不得与供应商喝酒。
  • 禁止在工厂非吸烟区吸烟。
  • 禁止和供应商参加任何与工作无关的活动。比如KTV等。
  • 准确客观的报告发现的结果。
  • 不得卷入客户与供应商间的矛盾之中。
  • 所有客户提供的信息将会予以保密,某些为了完成工作必须公开的数据除外。
  • 如果客户不止有一家供应商,BMS员工禁止在工厂公开谈论客户其他供应商的任何相关信息。
  • 不得与客户和供应商进行商业交易。
  • 不得为客户和供应商提供服务。
  • 设法自己解决餐饮而不是与工厂一起就餐。特殊情况下,如果工厂需要带BMS的员工外出用餐, BMS员工必须先告知公司管理层并获得批准,并在诚信表上备注。
  • BMS员工应该按公司规定乘坐公共交通工具(火车、地铁、公交、大巴车、等)往返工厂。在特殊情形下,工厂可以提供车辆协助在公交车站、火车站接送,但是BMS员工不得向工厂索求交通协助。


  • 如果供应商发现BMS员工试图索取贿赂、礼物和其他利益,供应商必须拒绝要求并且立即告知BMS公司。
  • 供应商有权对服务程序或者结果提出异议。BMS员工将会做相应记录并告知客户。但是供应商不得对BMS员工大声呵斥或者威胁BMS员工。

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