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How to Read AQL Chart

AQL chart consists of 2 pages:

Let’s say for example in a shipment, there is an order of 3,000 pcs. In the table below, you can see how many sample sizes would be drawn for inspection based on GI, GII, GIII to S1 – S4.

If the AQL are 0/2.5/4.0, the Ac and Re numbers will be as below tables:

An example to show you how to read the AQL chart. Please contact us for more details.

What does Ac and Re means?

“Ac” means acceptance number. “Re” means rejection number.

What does Special Inspection Level means?

Special Inspection level consists of 4 different levels: S-1, S-2, S-3 and S-4 and this is used when smaller sample sizes are necessary and larger sampling risks can be accepted. This is usually applied for special testing, such as barcode scan check, etc..

What does General Inspection Level means?

General Inspection level consists of 3 different levels: GI, GII and GIII and this is used for sampling sizes purpose in a shipment inspection.

  • GI: This level is a reduced sample size or the smallest sample size
  • GII: This level is a normal sample size or commonly known as the default use level in AQL for quality control inspection.
  • GIII: This level is a stricter level among the 3 different general levels, provides the largest sampling of pieces.

What does Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) means?

Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) is a statistic measurement of the maximum number of defective products considered acceptable in a sample size.

AQL Chart