How does Coronavirus (COVID-19) affect things in China?

How does Coronavirus (COVID-19) Affect China? (Traveling Around)

How does Coronavirus Affected Traveling Around China?

What is Coronavirus?

  • Coronavirus is a virus that causes illness that ranging from common cold to more severe diseases.
  • Coronavirus are transmitted between animals and people.
  • As Coronavirus is thought to spread mainly from people to people. Infection range from mild to serious and that it could turn deadly.
  • World Health Organization (WHO) had named this disease that outbreak in China as COVID-19.

How does Coronavirus (COVID-19) affect things in China?

  • New quarantine rules are being imposes in Beijing – Recent returnees are required to report to their management building and do a self 14 days quarantine. Although this is a mandate ruling in Beijing, but neighborhood committees are increasingly its assertive roles to impose this ruling across the country.
  • To minimize the spread of Coronavirus, public transportation to other cities are not available. Even highway connecting to other cities are closed to prevent people from travelling in and out of the cities.
  • Therefore, how does this impact inspection company’s operation in China.
  1. Due to the country area location – some factories are located at a far remote area and if cross cities traveling are required but due to the restriction in terms of transportation, inspectors are not able to travel to conduct the inspection.
  2. Due to the mandate rule that Beijing has imposed – When inspectors are arranged to travel beyond their own city and to neighboring city to conduct inspection and when they return, they will need to do a self 14 days quarantine. This will affect the inspection company operation in terms of allocating manpower.

What is happening now in China due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

  • Generally, China Government is gradually lifting its restriction in terms of transportation, highway usage between cities so that people can start to travel for work.
  • China government had advised of the 2nd batch of indoor quarantine which ends on the 20th February to try to contain the spread.
  • Some of the companies and business have also gradually started operation but most are still operating from home.